Leasing Opportunities

Karve Energy Inc. owns the fee simple mineral rights for approximately 37,000 acres of land in east-central Alberta.

Certain Sparky Petroleum and Natural Gas rights under lease to Karve Energy Inc. are also available for farmout or sublease.

Karve is interested in developing these rights through agreements that promote drilling and production. Karve is prepared to lease rights below the Viking formation.

As an exploration and production company, Karve understands the needs of lessees. We also firmly believe in relationships that benefit all parties. We are ready to offer fair, simple, and cost-effective terms to promote the development of our fee simple lands.

If you are interested in leasing our mineral rights below the Viking formation, please contact Matthew Keller at (587) 393-7953 or matthew.keller@karveenergy.com

See the links below to view our fee simple holdings. If the rights you are interested in appear to be leased, please contact us in case of zonal availability or potential upcoming expiries.

Open Mannville Petroleum Rights
All Open Rights Below Viking

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