Accounts Payable / Vendor Relations


Karve Energy Inc. has implemented an electronic invoicing solution to improve operational efficiency. Karve’s E-invoicing is an innovative approach to improving our business processes. As a Karve supplier, you can expect the following benefits: The reduction or elimination of paper invoices;

  • Faster routing of invoices for review, coding, and approval within Karve;
  • An electronic record showing invoice history and current approval and payment status;
  • Increased invoice accuracy, minimizing disputes and rejections;
  • Cost reductions in shipping, data entry, invoice storage and scanning; and
  • A more efficient process for handling vendor inquiries.


The following information is required when invoicing Karve:

  • UWI code (provided on the field ticket by the authorized Karve representative ordering the work);
  • AFE number or cost center, please use one or the other, but not both;
  • AFE format “KXXXXXDR”
  • CC format “#####”
  • General ledger account coding (i.e. 9910.123);
  • First and last name of Karve recipient; and
  • All back up attachments, including Invoice Document with all Field Tickets, as a PDF file. This backup must be signed by an authorized Karve representative.


Karve Energy has moved onto the OpenInvoice network effective September 27, 2022.

Cortex Sharecost Supplier Letter

Karve Energy suppliers will see no changes to their current commercial terms and will maintain an Enverus-Cortex subscription plan, which Karve Energy has been a member of since 2017.

This commercial model is only available to current legacy Cortex Buyer’s and is NOT offered to any new Buyers. There is no impact to suppliers who currently transact with other operators using the OpenInvoice network.

Karve Energy has opted to leverage a limited model that shares the cost of submissions on the Enverus network. Suppliers will need an Enverus subscription plan to invoice Karve Energy.

Suppliers with 10 or MORE invoices annually will need to contact Enverus Supplier Account Management Team to subscribe.

Suppliers with FEWER than 10 invoices annually can continue to mail or email them to Karve Energy for processing.

Should you have any questions about your OpenInvoice account, you may contact

If you currently do not have an OpenInvoice account, please use the link below to create your account:

We look forward to working with you on this electronic invoicing initiative.

Questions or concerns? Please contact vendor relations at


Payment status / general invoice queries / statements:

Name changes / address changes:

  • Address changes: Please send a signed letter on company letterhead notifying Karve of your current/correct remit to address.
  • Name changes / amalgamations: Please send all certified company change documentation, a signed letter stating details of the change, and a copy of the new invoice reflecting the new corporate legal name and GST number.
Please scan and send your required documentation to the following email address: